Registration is now open on New Providence Community Pass for PAL 2022 Summer Softball- levels 8U through 14U

2022 PAL SUMMER Softball

PAL Summer Softball is a travel softball program in which our young players develop their softball skills playing surrounding towns. 8U remains coach pitch in summer and 10U begins kid pitch as in spring.


The season will run from mid-June through the end of July. Games will be played during weeknights through Cranford’s D2 Parkway League. Players should be prepared to play Monday through Friday. Practices are typically two times per week which are determined on coach and field availability. Game locations are both home and away with away games being typically within Union County.


The cost for summer is $150 per player.


We encourage all girls who are interested to come out and play! It is a great way to have fun and learn more about the sport of softball!


Please register immediately on Community Pass. Each level will be capped at a manageable roster number to benefit the girls on each team as well as coaches who manage them.

If your daughter is waitlisted, that indicates that her age level is at capacity. If there is movement in that roster or if there are enough players to create another team (this must include a head coach as well) you will be contacted and asked if you would like her removed off the waitlist. There is no cost for being waitlisted.

***Please make sure birthdate and all personal contact info is accurate for your player on Community Pass***

  • If there is any issue registering in time or if you have any questions, please contact Karen Gaeta, PAL Softball Commissioner.
  • If you are interested in Head Coaching, please contact Karen with that information as well
  • Karen Gaeta:
Welcome to New Providence PAL softball! Please use this page to get all  the latest information pertaining  to upcoming seasons, information on registration and all things PAL Softball.

NPPAL Softball was started in 2000 with the goals of:

• Improving knowledge and appreciation of softball
• Improving softball skills through drills, practice, and repetition
• Providing fun , positive, and instructive environment
• Encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship
• Developing individual confidence and self esteem
• Playing at more competitive level
• Preparation for future high school play

Our Mission

The mission of New Providence PAL Softball is to facilitate a safe, positive  learning environment in which the young ladies of New Providence can  learn about and participate in, the sport of fastpitch softball while  enhancing their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline and leadership  skills – while encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle and time outdoors.

We promise every girl a positive youth sports experience.  Years from now,  we hope they carry with them wonderful memories of their participation in  the program and exhibit the character traits that we’ve hopefully taught: a  good work ethic, dedication to realizing a goal, self-motivation, the value of  teamwork and, most importantly, respect for themselves and others.

We acknowledge and celebrate the long competitive tradition of travel PAL  softball, but realize our participants are children, not professionals.  It is  our goal to try to find a place for every girl to play no matter what her  current skill level or experience.  It is a priority that their experience be fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

 If your family is new to PAL Softball we  understand that you may have  questions. Program ages, scheduling,  the difference between PAL and REC  and many other questions often come  up as parents register.  Below is a list of  FAQs that we have tried our best to  answer. Of course if you still have  questions please contact us.

What is the difference between REC and PAL?
This often confuses people but, the simple answer is REC is run by the towns Recreation Department and PAL is run top to bottom by volunteers. However, typically differences run a bit deeper than that, PAL is designed for girls that want to learn a bit more about their sport and PAL is also designed to be more competitive.


Why do game schedules seem to come out so last minute?
We (NPPAL) enter the teams into a local league that builds team schedules. A lot of moving pieces are required to make this happen.  Number of teams in the league, available fields, umpires and it must be done in a certain order to be successful and the last thing to be done is schedules.  Teams must be built before schedules.
Are tryouts held?

The need for try-outs/ evaluations are determined based on registration numbers. If a specific age group requires a try-put, you will be notified by PAL after you register. 

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