The PAL Basketball program offers a competitive program for boys and girls in grades 4-8 who reside in town. Through a tryout process in late September, teams are chosen to represent New Providence in a competitive travel league and play other towns in the area.

Due to a lack of available gym time in town, there is typically only one boys team and one girls team sponsored per grade. Unfortunately, this does not allow for all who are interested to be able to play on the PAL team. It is for this reason, that those who make their respective teams are expected to be fully committed to their team. PAL encourages kids to participate in multiple sports and activities, but given the relatively small number of players on a typical basketball team (10), TEAM success is greatly reduced if multiple players are routinely absent due to other commitments. We expect that if offered a spot on a team, PAL Basketball be the priority sport during the winter months ahead of other teams (i.e. CYO; AAU) or off-season activities (i.e. soccer; baseball).  Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this.

Key Contact

Jon Miller
Basketball Commissioner


New Providence PAL Plays in the Jersey Basketball Association (JBA). Learn more at

2018 Team Results

New Providence PAL Basketball would like to thank everyone that attended the evaluations over the past two weeks. We received many positive comments from the evaluators regarding the play of our boys and girls on the floor, as well for their positivity in supporting one another throughout the process. We are especially proud of the kids’ support of one another.

Unfortunately, winter gym space is limited and while we would like to have a spot for everyone who wants to play, we do not have capacity in the travel program. In an effort to increase the total number of our kids in the program, the decision was made to field one boys and one girls team in each age group (4th-8th grade), and four combined teams, 4th/5th boys, 4th/5th girls, 6th/7th boys, 6th/7th girls. This marks an increase of three teams and approximately 35 players for this season. The makeup of the teams in terms of the total number of players and the distribution of players on the combined age group teams was based upon a number of factors. The objective of the combined teams is to provide a competitive basketball option for players that would not have made the individual grade based teams, and to keep kids in the program so that they can continue to develop.


If you’ve made a team, now what:

  1. Consider the level of commitment expected. New Providence PAL Basketball expects all players accepting roster invitations to prioritize basketball over other sports during the winter season. There are many other local options for basketball with lower expectations regarding commitment (see # 4 below under you didn’t make the team).
  2. If accepting your roster invitation, register for the season through Community Pass by 10/20/18. Registration will open within the next few days. Fees for the season are $325 for players that need a uniform and $250 for returning players that do not need a new uniform. Uniforms are the same as last year, so returning players may choose not to purchase a new uniform (please try on last year’s uniform to be sure it still fits).
  3. If declining your roster invitation, please let us know (email to ASAP (by 10/16/18 the latest) so that we can offer the declined spot to the next highest ranked player.
  4. Uniform fittings will be held on 10/23 and 10/25 at the Murray Hill Inn (Best Western). A schedule for the fittings (by team) will be posted next week. All players will be receiving a new shooting shirt so even players reusing last year’s uniform are encouraged to attend.
  5. Coach selection is currently underway and will likely be completed in the next couple of days. Coaches will be reaching out to introduce themselves once selected. We are still looking for coaching volunteers for a few teams, please contact us if you are interested ASAP (email to
  6. Pre-season practices will begin over the next several weeks. Practices will begin in earnest in mid-November.


If you didn’t make a team, now what:

  1. DO NOT STOP PLAYING! One of the greatest players ever, Michael Jordan was not selected for the Laney High Basketball team his sophomore year. He used the experience to fuel a competitive fire that propelled him to become one of the greatest players ever.
  2. There is an outside chance a roster spot may open up (see #1 in section above). In the event a roster spot is turned down and your child is next in line, you will be notified immediately. Please register by 10/20 to accept the spot.
  4. Other options for playing this winter include, New Providence Recreation . In addition, there are many local CYO and AAU programs. These options provide a great opportunity for improving skills and playing in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

If your child didn't make a team

There is still a chance to play basketball in New Providence! New Providence Recreation Basketball registration is still open. If your child would like to play, you can register using this button and selecting “2018-2019 YOUTH Basketball.”

Uniform Fitting Schedule

New Providence PAL Basketball uniform and shooting shirt fittings are scheduled for Tuesday 10/23 (Girls) and Thursday 10/25 (Boys) at the Murray Hill Inn.  The fittings will take place in the downstairs meeting rooms.  Samples of both the uniform and shooting shirt will be available.  For accurate sizing of the shooting shirt, everyone is encouraged to attend, even if they will not be purchasing a new uniform.  In order to make the process as orderly as possible, the following schedule has been created:

4th Grade – 7:00-7:20
5th Grade – 7:20-7:40
6th Grade – 7:40-8:00
7th Grade – 8:00-8:20
8th Grade – 8:20-8:40
Open – 8:40-9:00

These time slots have been created to try to make the process easier and avoid everyone coming at the same time.  If you cannot make your assigned time, two open slots have been created.  If you can’t make either of those, come at any point during the two days and we will squeeze you in.



4th Grade Boys Gold

1 Blank, J
2 Danysh, C
3 Ferrara, M
4 Feurestein, L
5 Graziano, N
6 Kreup, A
7 Maneely, C
8 Maurer, J
9 Moore, Q
10 Reily, K
11 Rust, R
12 Wycko, A


4th Grade Girls Gold

1 Bastow, H
2 Conti, M
3 Felt, K
4 Gilbertson, A
5 Kinum, M
6 Ondrejko, Q
7 Peldunas, E
8 Vivino, A
9 Whitehead, S
10 Zebda, A


5th Grade Boys Gold

1 Cumiskey, D
2 Faucher, T
3 Fitzgerald, J
4 Foti, M
5 Keneally, J
6 Miller, J
7 Porretti, D
8 Whitehead, A
9 Zamora, A
10 Zarinko, C


5th Grade Girls Gold

1 Abramson, S
2 Carovillano, N
3 Conover, A
4 DiMaggio, J
5 Dwyer, M
6 Gaeta, H
7 Henn, M
8 Hughes, S
9 Kelly, A
10 Kessler, H


4th/5th Boys Green

1 Babbitt, W
2 Blankenbaker, G
3 Burkitt, A
4 D’Amico, B
5 Dunleavy, O
6 Fallon, J
7 Grudberg, S
8 Mallya, K
9 Santacross, M
10 Schmidt, M
11 Walsh, L
12 Xenakis, N


4th/5th Girls Green

1 Dano, M
2 Hill, K
3 Maisch, A
4 Policarpio, T
5 Reed, O
6 Riccio, P
7 Rooney, M
8 Smith, M
9 Tchouassi, T
10 DiQuollo, J
11 DiQuollo, M
12 Illipronti, L


6th Grade Boys Gold

1 Graziano, V
2 Henry, M
3 Maurizi, S
4 McAloon, C
5 Miller, J
6 Munn, T
7 Ondrejko, S
8 Rajagopalan, Dhruv
9 Sabel, Nolan
10 Walsh, R


6th Grade Girls Gold

1 Beck, N
2 Donath, M
3 Henry, M
4 Illopronti, N
5 Pizzi, K
6 Rhodes, E
7 Singer, M
8 Slattery, B
9 Vardas, S
10 Xenakis, S
11 Zamora, S


7th Grade Boys Gold

1 Donnelly, S
2 Hughes, J
3 Kowantz, A
4 Mariniello, V
5 Nook, A
6 Pazdera, P
7 Reilly, S
8 Rust, C
9 Vitale, L
10 Vyzas, B
11 Zarinko, J


7th Grade Girls Gold

1 Conover, C
2 Cumiskey, A
3 Demareski, E
4 Dwyer, S
5 Henn, G
6 Henry, R
7 Kinum, G
8 Licari, K
9 Miller, J
10 Snyder, O


6th / 7th Boys Green

1 Bress, B
2 Fahy, A
3 Felt, K
4 Heffernan, I
5 Sanders, E
6 Rajagopalan, Rohan
7 Bisaccia, V
8 Graziano, C
9 Kessler, R
10 Monaco, J
11 Rooney, C
12 Roth, R


7th Girls Green

1 Cook, K
2 Farrell, A
3 Hasenkopf, M
4 Lawton, C
5 Menen, A
6 Mishkind, C
7 Papa, J
8 Policarpio, G
9 Reynolds, K
10 Salazar, S
11 Scarazzini, A
12 Tchouassi, G


8th Grade Boys Gold

1 Barth, A
2 Dorflinger, N
3 Dunleavy, M
4 Grill, R
5 Kaspereen, T
6 McCarron, W
7 Ondrejko, L
8 Pallotto, S
9 Schumm, E
10 Singer, H
11 Smith, L
12 Smith, M


8th Grade Girls Gold

1 Burkitt, G
2 Danysh, E
3 DeSarno, C
4 Garrity, E
5 Kelly, G
6 Lamanna, M
7 Marzynski, R
8 Ocello, H
9 Silvester, T
10 Slattery, M

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