The PAL Basketball program offers a competitive program for boys and girls in grades 4-8 who reside in town. Through a tryout process in late September, teams are chosen to represent New Providence in a competitive travel league and play other towns in the area.

Due to a lack of available gym time in town, there is typically only one boys team and one girls team sponsored per grade. Unfortunately, this does not allow for all who are interested to be able to play on the PAL team. It is for this reason, that those who make their respective teams are expected to be fully committed to their team. PAL encourages kids to participate in multiple sports and activities, but given the relatively small number of players on a typical basketball team (10), TEAM success is greatly reduced if multiple players are routinely absent due to other commitments. We expect that if offered a spot on a team, PAL Basketball be the priority sport during the winter months ahead of other teams (i.e. CYO; AAU) or off-season activities (i.e. soccer; baseball).  Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this.

Upcoming Season 2018-19

Registration for the 2018-19 New Providence PAL Basketball season tryouts open Saturday, September 15th at 9am, and will remain open until September 30.

The PAL offers Girls and Boys Competitive Travel Teams for New Providence residents who are in grades 4-8. Tryouts will take place during the first two weeks of October and the teams will be announced after all tryouts have been completed. Typically, there is one (1) team per grade, but we may be able to field additional teams.

To take part in the tryouts, you must be registered in advance.  The tryout fee is $25.  If your child makes a team, you will then be notified how to register them for the season. You can register right here:

Register Now!

Key Contact

Jon Miller
Basketball Commissioner


New Providence PAL Plays in the Jersey Basketball Association (JBA). Learn more at


  • Each tryout session will run by coaches from out of town basketball programs
  • There will be two (2) nights of tryouts for each grade. (Note: Players should attend both nights of tryouts.)


  • Teams will be announced via e-mail after ALL tryouts are completed.
  • PAL Basketball is competitive. Roster sizes will be limited to 10 players per team in grades with multiple teams as well as in grades 6, 7, and 8. If only one team is field at younger ages, the roster size may be expanded to encourage more participation.


  • Coaches are typically parents. There are some teams that have a non-parent coach
  • Coaches are chosen after rosters are announced, not before
  • If an adult is interested in coaching, please let me know prior to tryouts either by phone or e-mail 

Level of Competition

  • PAL basketball is more competitive than the town Recreation program, but not as competitive as AAU or Club Team basketball
  • New Providence plays in the Jersey Basketball Association and we play neighboring towns such as Summit, Madison, Berkeley Heights, etc.
  • Teams are flighted depending on ability into “A”, “B” and “C” divisions
  • Should your child not make a team, there is still BASKETBALL to be played! You can register your child with the New Providence Recreation right here:

Sign up for NP REC
** Please note that both NP PAL and NP REC use Community Pass as their payment processor. You will need to contact the organization with which you registered if you have any issues or concerns regarding registration. 

Playing Time

  • In 4th and 5th grades there is a league rule that provides equal playing time during significant portions of each game
  • In older grades, playing time is decided by the coaches


  • Practice 1-2 times per week from November through February
  • 14 game schedule from December 1-March 1


Games and practices are held at New Providence HS; New Providence Middle School; Salt Brook School; AW Roberts School, Long Hill Chapel

PLEASE READDue to having to make roster cuts, those who make their respective teams are expected to be fully committed to their team  (i.e. PAL Basketball will be the child’s primary sport during the winter months, ahead of other teams and off-season sports training)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:

Jon Miller & John Fitzgerald

Tryout Schedule

Day Date Gr. Gender Player Arrival & Check-In Try-out Start / End Location
M 10/1 4 Boys 6:45 7:00-8:15 LHC
M 10/1 5 Boys 8:00 8:15-9:30 LHC
T 10/2 4 Girls 6:45 7:00 / 8:15 NP MS
T 10/2 6 Girls 8:00 8:15 / 9:30 NP MS
Th 10/4 5 Girls 6:45 7:00-8:15 LHC
Th 10/4 7 Girls 8:00 8:15-9:30 LHC
F 10/5 4 Boys 6:45 7:00-8:15 LHC
F 10/5 5 Boys 8:00 8:15-9:30 LHC
F 10/5 6 Boys 6:45 7:00-8:15 NP MS
F 10/5 7 Boys 8:00 8:15-9:30 NP MS
F 10/5 8 Boys 6:45 7:00-8:15 NP HS
F 10/5 8 Girls 8:00 8:15-9:30 NP HS
M 10/8 6 Boys 6:45 7:00-8:15 LHC
M 10/8 7 Boys 8:00 8:15-9:30 LHC
T 10/9 5 Girls 6:45 7:00-8:15 NP HS
T 10/9 7 Girls 8:00 8:15-9:30 NP HS
Th 10/11 4 Girls 6:45 7:00-8:15 LHC
Th 10/11 6 Girls 8:00 8:15-9:30 LHC
F 10/12 8 Girls 6:45 7:00-8:15 NP HS
F 10/12 8 Boys 8:00 8:15-9:30 NP HS



LHC = Long Hill Chapel 
525 Shunpike Rd,
Chatham Township, NJ 07928
NP MS NP Middle School 
35 Pioneer Dr,
New Providence, NJ 07974
NP HS NP High School
35 Pioneer Dr,
New Providence, NJ 07974

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