“A good cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps but the span of her spirit.”

Welcome to the New Providence PAL Cheerleading website. Our program is designed for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. This is an instructional and competitive program where basic to advanced cheerleading skills are taught and practiced in a supervised setting under the guidance of Parent and Teen coaches. Our program provides spirit for our towns fall flag football program and tackle football traveling teams.

Our goal is to help our cheerleaders develop confidence, leadership plus town-wide spirit, while emphasizing the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork.   Our program encourages each cheerleader to have fun, do their best and to represent New Providence in a positive manner.


We stand together in support of our team
United, committed, one motive one dream.

What we do is different unlike all the rest,
But somehow the same when we all try our best.

We don’t use a bat, a ball, or a net,
Just determination, and muscle, endurance, and sweat.

We cheer because we love the thrill of the game,
To motivate the crowd-nothing else is the same.

So don’t call us ditzy, and don’t call us cute,
Lose the misconceptions, seek out the truth.

Our spirit is endless, our hearts filled with pride,
Please look past the stereotype and see the athlete inside.


To register, go on line at communitypass.netAll participants MUST be registered through Community Pass.

Registration info: (all squads)

  • Early Registration through June 17th, $120
  • Regular Registration June 18th – July 1st, $135
  • Registration closes July 2nd (late registrants will only be considered on squad availability)

Contact Info

Suzanne Botvinis

Katie Mangel

“Just because we don’t run across goal lines, slam dunk basketballs, or hit home runs … doesn’t mean we can’t CHANGE THE SCORE!”


  • Flag – Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades
  • Youth Tackle 1 – 3rd grade
  • Youth Tackle 2 – 4th & 5th grade
  • Green Squad – combined 5th & 6th graders
  • Gold Elite Squad – combined 6th, 7th & 8th graders
NOTE: Squads are subject to change to fit the needs of the program.  Skill assessments will be performed during Summer practice for the Green & Gold squads.



Other Details

Cheer Pictures (all squads):
Typically planned for September/October. More info to follow.

PAL Night (for grades 5-8):
A night when the NPPAL Organization is announced onto the football field at Lieder prior to the start of a varsity game. The cheerleaders have the opportunity to cheer alongside the high school varsity cheerleaders (during the 3rd Qtr). Date: TBD (usually in October). Other fun events for the younger squads to cheer along with the older squads will be announced at a later date.

End of the Season Awards Celebration:
At the end of the season we will honor all of our participants in a short ceremony. Dates & location TBD (usually November). Additional parent volunteers needed.


Practice Commitments


    • August Practice: Tues/Wed/Thurs early evenings (8/22, 8/23, 8/24, 8/29, 8/30 & 8/31). Will confirm times.
    • September/October Practice: K-1, Monday (Times TBA) / 2nd grade, Monday & Wednesday (Times TBA)
    • Game Days: Saturday, September 16th TO Saturday, October 28th (est. time 10am-12noon, will confirm)
    • Two Wednesday night games added to schedule (dates/times TBA)

Youth Tackle 1 & 2:

    • August Practice: Tues/Wed/Thurs Evenings  (8/22, 8/23, 8/24, 8/29, 8/30 & 8/31).  Will confirm times.
    • September/October Practice:  2 days/week. Specific Days/Times TBA
    • Game Days: EVERY Sunday, starting September 10th TO Sunday, October 29th (est. times for Home & Away games TBA)

GREEN & GOLD Elite Squads:

    • Mandatory August Practice: August Practice: Tues/Wed/Thurs Evenings  (8/15, 8/16, 8/17, 8/22, 8/23, 8/24, 8/29, 8/30 & 8/31). Time: 6-8pm /Location: TBA
    • September/October Practice:  3 days/week. Other days TBA but Saturday mornings practices are definite, 9-11am 
    • Game Days: EVERY Sunday, starting September 10th TO Sunday, October 29th (est. times for Home & Away games TBA)
    • *Post-Season Play-offs*: If any of our football teams (grades 6-8) make it to the division play-offs, our cheerleaders are expected to attend to show their support.  Post-season game dates: Sunday, Nov. 5, 12 & 19 (Times and locations TBA)

Practice Locations

  • Summer Cheer (August Practice) – TBA
  • Fall practice for Flag Cheer & Youth 1 & 2 Cheer – TBA
  • Fall practice for Green & Gold Elite Cheer – TBA
 Note: Locations TBA, More details to follow.

Home Game Locations

  • Flag games – TBD
  • Youth Tackle games – NPHS Lieder Field

FullSizeRender (2)Uniforms

  • Uniforms for the flag and tackle cheer programs are provided by NPPAL Cheer and must be returned at the end of the season. Uniforms include skirt & sleeveless top.
  • Please wash the uniforms in cold water and line dry or lay flat. DO NOT put in the dryer.
  • Any family that fails to return their child’s  uniform at the end of the season OR returns it damaged in any way will be charged $160 (cost of replacement). Reimbursement to NP Cheer is required.
  • Scheduled uniform distribution days are TBD. Practice uniforms are included in registration. They will be given out during August Cheer Camp and are the cheerleaders to keep.

  • All cheerleaders are required to purchase the necessary accessories to complete the uniform: Bodysuit/Midriff, briefs/boy shorts, hair bow, leggings and sneakers. A complete listing and estimated prices are listed below. Items in good condition can be reused if the styles have not changed.  An estimate of the costs are listed next to each item. Prices are subject to change

Additional Team Gear includes the following: (Order forms will be handed out during 1st week of summer practice)

FullSizeRender (4)Youth Bodysuit – $22
Adult Bodysuit – $26
Adult Midriff – $20
Green Boy shorts – $10
Cheer Hair Bow, green w/ white polka dots – $4
White no-show socks
Black ankle length leggings
Cheer sneakers – K-2 plain white sneakers
3-8 Cheer sneakers approved by commissioner – $30-$40

Practice Dress Code

All cheerleaders must come dressed appropriately.  Clothing must fit correctly, not too big or small.  No jean shorts, no belly shirts, no tank tops, no jewelry, no fake nails, no slip on sneakers or flip flops.  All cheerleaders must come to practice in practice uniform, sneakers, and hair pulled up and back away from face.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Proper supportive cheer sneakers and dress code is an important factor in insuring the safety of the cheerleaders.

Competitive Squad

Cheerleading is a team sport and commitment is important! 
Competition Season Time Commitment
The PAL Cheer Commissioners and head  coaches reserves the right to decide if the squad will participate in any competitions throughout the season.
Competition Squad: Currently TBD.  Any cheerleader on the Green & Gold Elite squads interested should contact the Cheer Commissioners. Participation is up to the discretion of the Cheer Commissioners and is by invite only. Team will be decided based on overall skill assessments and commitment. 


“Think big, believe big, act big, and the results will be big”


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